Different Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Mental health is nowadays one of the biggest concerns in London. A considerable number of people are suffering from mental health disorders. This is mainly because of the hectic lifestyle, competition, and stress. One of the most common situations regarding this is anxiety. Anxieties can occur to even the healthiest people and to different extents. Most of the severe cases require anxiety counselling based on London. Here are the different types of anxiety disorders. Panic Disorders This type of anxiety disorder causes a person to experience episodes of extreme fear and tension. These episodes can be repetitive and can occur unexpectedly. Panic disorders can also be accompanied by shortness of breath, abnormal distress, pain in the chest, and increasing any other underlying symptom for any issue. Generalized Anxiety Disorder It is also known as GAD. As the name suggests, this is a general level of anxiety disorder. It is accompanied by tension, chronic anxiety, and related issues. This condition can occur with or without the presence of a triggering condition. In most cases, victims do not report these conditions. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder This is a condition that is characterized by the occurrence of unwanted thoughts. These thoughts keep on repeating themselves and as such result in repetition of similar responses in their return. It involves behaviors like excessive cleaning, checking of time, and other such common actions being done on a repetitive basis. Performing such actions provides temporary relief to the sufferers without them noticing it.

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