All You Need To Know About Nicotine Pouches

The popularity of nicotine pouches has increased a lot in the UK. It is a substitute to tobacco, you just have to put it under your lip rather than going out for smoking. Nicotine pouches are discreet, white, and they don’t stain your teeth. The pouch has chew base filler, nicotine, natural fibers, and fresh flavors that can provide an excellent taste while delivering nicotine.

You will find many dealers online that offer nicotine pouches in the UK, you can look for a reliable dealer and buy the pouch that matches your requirements and budget. It is certainly an excellent way that can make you leave the habit of tobacco consumption.

How Tobacco free, Nicotine free, All white and White Tobacco different from each other?

  • Tobacco-free means that the product has tobacco flavor in it, but it doesn’t have tobacco.
  • White tobacco has bleached tobacco leaves in it and it contains both tobacco and nicotine.
  • All white is a complete white product that is free from tobacco, but it has nicotine in it.
  • Nicotine free is tobacco-free in most of the cases, it is made up of tea that mimics tobacco taste or plant fibers to replace tobacco.

How Nicotine pouches are different from Pouch Tobacco snus?

Both are made from different ingredients; tobacco is used to deal in tobacco pouch snus, whereas, nicotine pouches are made with the use of natural fibers. Nicotine and chew base fillers are extracted from the tobacco leaves